Vandalia Mist Extracts and Vapors, LLC’s founder discovered vaping, an innovative electronic nicotine delivery system, in 2013. 

In those days,  there weren’t many options for purchasing e-liquids either on the internet or at local specialty vape shops.  It was exciting to develop flavors that would appeal to the different tastes of former smokers looking for an alternative. We started with eight flavors and expanded our products to dozens before the FDA market freeze on August 8, 2016.

At the beginning, there weren’t production standards. There was no way to know who was manufacturing, what the ingredients were, or whether they were using safety measures while mixing. Those days are long gone. 

The American E-Liquid Manufacturing Standards Association (AEMSA), developed production standards in 2012. Since then, those standards have been recognized across the country. While many e-liquids are manufactured in ISO labs, we feel that the AEMSA standards are more specific to the challenges facing the vaping industry and are proud to be a certified facility. 

You can rest assured that our products are among the best on the market.

Being an AEMSA-certified facility means:

  • We built a clean room with non-porous surfaces, including the floors, walls, and ceiling;
  • We use the purest ingredients available, all Kosher, USP food and/or pharmaceutical grade;
  • We protect our technicians and customers with the use of safety gear and strict protocol during all phases of production;
  • We isolate and test our nicotine to make sure the level marked on the bottles is, in fact, the level of the liquid inside the bottles;
  • We also have a third-party laboratory test our products regularly; and
  • We contribute to national lobbying efforts on behalf of this industry and you.

From the onset, we determined to provide the highest quality product for the best possible price. That’s why you would be hard-pressed to find a more flavorful, quality e-liquid at a better price.